Marsha Woodard

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Houston, Texas

This video is a team effort by Marsha Woodard and Leland Willis of Union Pacific Railroad and Debra Baker and Paul Shanklin of Connelly Baker Wotring. Thanks to David Young, Leland Willis, Tammy Clidienst, Tim O'Brien, Geoff Reeder, Debra Baker, Earnest Wotring, Paul Shanklin and Theresa Young for participating in the video. I thought about doing this video for a while before I decided to go forward so I appreciate all of the help and the support that we received. Go UP. You look really good to be 150!


  • Very nice work to all ~

    - Cindy Duncan about a year ago
  • Thank you Thank You Thank You All !! Great Team Effort!!!

    - Leland Willis about a year ago
  • Great job. Looks like fun!

    - Paul Sarahan about a year ago
  • Great job everyone! Nice to see everyone! Good luck to you!

    - Lynda Risucci about a year ago
  • Good job, Marsha.

    - Ann Al-Bahish about a year ago
  • Great job Marsha, Leland, and David! Amazing!

    - Kristen Roche about a year ago
  • What a talented group. Love it!

    - Eva OBrien about a year ago
  • Brilliant!

    - Elena Pecoraro about a year ago
  • Great cast, soundtrack and choreography! This has my vote for Best Video!

    - Chris Locke Locke about a year ago
  • As the son of a retired locomotive engineer, the grandson of a brakeman and the nephew of a car inspector, I am proud to vote for this video.

    - Steven Poplawski about a year ago
  • Makes the son of a retired locomotive engineer proud. well done.

    - Steven Poplawski about a year ago
  • Very interesting!

    - Mainess Gibson about a year ago
  • A Winning Team - a confluence of vocal talent with a rolling railroad rhythm!

    - Wink Pearson about a year ago
  • Definitely The Very Best! (except that engineer; where did you find HIM?)

    - J. Michael Hemmer about a year ago
  • Super Fantastic Harmonies and MUCH better looking people!

    - Nancy Darley about a year ago
  • Loved the harmony from the mixed quartet. Was that the same engineer as the "Big Train" video a decade ago?

    - Michael Whitcomb about a year ago
  • Very nice job! Catchy tune...I just keep humming it........

    - Peter Rockrise about a year ago
  • Engineer David Young -- that's classic! Nice harmonies, to boot.

    - Christa Lee about a year ago
  • I can only imagine the autograph requests this is going to generate!

    - Bob Toy about a year ago
  • Nice job!

    - Jon Germer about a year ago
  • Awesome job!! You all need to take this show on the road.

    - Raquel Espinoza-Williams about a year ago
  • Outstanding performance by all and with great team effort to pull it together!!

    - Sherri Wilson about a year ago
  • Go Mom!

    - Hailee Willis about a year ago